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Yoga for Health and Transformation
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Yoga for Health and Transformation

Yoga and Scoliosis

Periodically, an article or video related to the benefits of yoga appears on facebook and in the news. 

Although we all know the world is full of acclaims for curative products and services, most of the recent news about yoga supports my own finding that yoga, when practiced carefully, consciously and regularly, can be transformative and healing.   

Just as we can engage in a misalignment of our bodies when bending over our car's steering wheels, curving our spines to look at our cell phones, and slumping forward when using our computers, etc. yoga poses, when properly assumed and held, can enable the body to realign itself. As a result, we are often able to experience less pain, feel a greater sense of wellbeing and even look better. On the other hand, yoga, when practiced competitively and without informed guidance or experience, has been known to cause injury and disappointment.

Here's a link to an article about yoga and scoliosis. 

While the pose mentioned is not one I'd recommend for everyone, it is a pose that builds strength, helps with balance and has proven beneficial to me and others. There are many others that can help with knees, shoulders, necks, hips, etc.  

It's important to consider that the body we've each been given is an adaptive miracle that often needs the kind of help that yoga and other healthy practices can provide. Be open to this.

Yoga as a Resource for Transformation and Health

Recently, the story of Arthur Boorman has come to the attention of the internet. If you're interested in ways people are using yoga not only to feel better but to live a more satisfying life, you might want to take a few minutes to watch this dramatic video.  Arthur's story is unique! The life-affirming benefits of a regular yoga practice are not.

Like most skills, yoga is something you learn. Over time and with practice, you not only begin to feel more comfortable and stable entering and holding yoga poses but you begin to reap the many rewards, some of which you may experience after one or two sessions, others may require several weeks and maybe years. 

Yoga's greatest benefits come from a regular, daily or weekly practice that allows the body and mind to gain a feeling of confidence, stability and focus. From this, greater strength, flexibility and peace of mind will come.

Yet while yoga has attributes of being a physical skill, Yoga - as a discipline for "yoking" the mind and body - is much more than that. Rather than being a series of positions one seeks to hold and master, Yoga is an ongoing process - a journey and not a destination.  Each day you practice with a non-judgmental focus on the body/pose relationship, you are moving along a path towards a greater sense of well being. And amazingly, this sense of well being isn't just a mental or emotional experience, over time it can accompany a condition of actual wellness and above average health. 

With good instruction and support by a trained guide, a comfortable and yet challenging yoga practice has been known to significantly address issues related to fatigue; muscle pain; discomfort in shoulders, neck, back and knees and so much more. 

In fact, for many of us, maintaining a regular yoga practice is the go-to therapy for the aches and pains of sport, injury and aging.  It is both preventative and restorative, and suitable for beginning at any age and condition with appropriate modifications and attentiveness.   While traditional medical attention and advice must never be ignored, yoga - when it becomes a regular practice - promotes a level of healing in both mind and body with which most doctors are not trained to understand.

If you are new to yoga or have started and stopped attending yoga classes over the years, keep your mind open and your heart assured.  It is never too late to discover how a regular yoga practice might quietly or dramatically improve your life.