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Scientific Studies of Yoga's Benefits

Connections Between Yoga and Health

Summer is a terrific time to begin or restart a yoga practice. 

As we put away our winter coats and find ourselves drawn to outdoor activities, somehow we also begin paying more attention to our bodies and often our health. Nature has a wonderful way of letting us know that summer is a time to relax and bloom!

For those of us who have experienced the "blooming" effects of yoga for years, the fact that more and more scientific studies show a direct relationship between a regular yoga practice and positive changes in health and attitude is reaffirming but not a surprise. Many of us have already discovered yoga as a deeply energizing resource for softening stiff joints, relaxing tight hips and hamstrings, reducing blood pressure, regaining balance, and strengthening and aligning achy shoulders and backs so we can live active, strong, pain-free lives again. 

But all yoga classes and types of yoga are not the same and often have different goals. 

Most often, the type of yoga that is associated with positive health results is not the "hot" or fast paced yoga that often appeal to the physically fit seeking variety in their extreme gym regimes. While "hot" yoga may be "hot" and may even feel "therapeutic" for some of us, it's important to note that the transformative effects being discovered by respected universities and medical schools are most often attributed to practices focused on comfort, stability, regularity, and the connection between mind, body, and breath.  

Here's a recent article highlighting findings you might find interesting. John Hopkin's University among others are featured.

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