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Eight Limbs of Yoga

Yoga and Earth Day 2014

It's April 22, 2014 and Earth Day.  

Since the tradition of yoga is "grounded" in our connection to the earth and includes the values of non-violence and compassion for all things, consider taking a moment to feel that compassion for the earth today ... and for yourself as part of this amazing blue and green planet.

Those of us that practice yoga as a resource for getting in touch with our bodies, for feeling better, and becoming stronger and more limber know that yoga is about "asanas" or postures. But what some of us might not know is that the ancient wisdom of yoga goes much deeper and wider. 

For an overview of what is called the"Eight Limbs of Yoga" you might want to check out the other aspects of yoga.  Today, being Earth Day, you might find that focusing in on one or several of these limbs is a nice way to celebrate the earth - and you!

Best wishes,