More About Omba
My first encounter with Yoga took place when I was twelve: a friend of my parents taught me how to do Sarvangasana, a traditional shoulder stand he'd perfected while traveling in Asia.  A few years later while in college, I began studying with an Indian yogi. And somehow, my commitment to the practice stayed with me - teaching and supporting me as I moved through my thirties, forties, and beyond.
Year after year,  I discovered a daily yoga practice not only kept me strong and fit but added greatly to my ability to experience life's ups and downs pretty much like a healthy and energetic twelve year old. 
I've been lucky no doubt but I've also had a resource in yoga that has always been there to help relieve symptoms of a sore back, head aches, sleeplessness, stomach issues, personal loss, and the other day to day stresses of a busy and rarely perfect life.
A few years ago - before leaving my fifties and after a three week walking tour of the Amazon - it suddenly struck me that instead of studying and practicing yoga and related disciplines for my personal benefit alone, perhaps it was time to help others explore these for themselves: not just for the fitness benefits, but to discover how the wisdom of yoga and the human body can help alleviate the strains and discomforts of aging, injury, health issues, emotional setbacks, and/or lack of energy and fitness.  From this inspiration, OMBA YOGA WORKSHOP was born: a resource that offers new and experienced practitioners of all ages a stress free and supportive environment for building greater strength, flexibility, proper alignment and sense of well being and health.
The term OMBA comes from two sounds: "Om" - a spiritual sound or mantra for the eternal source from which all energy, light, and life derive and connect. And "ba," a rhythmic sound denoting movement and grace as well the name for the soul - our true spiritual selves - as personified by the ancient Egyptian bird god, Ba. 
It is my hope that the movement, postures, breathing, and grace of OMBA might provide you and others a resource for more fully connecting to the light-filled energy of our bodies, minds, and hearts. 
Mary Ashton
Master Asana,
  be aware of your breath,
  your lungs as you fill them,
  breathing deeply
  sustain your breath,
  drink in this life force.
Make your breath long and deep,
  a natural pause as the breath flows out,
  a natural pause as you draw air in.
No thinking
  as the tide rolls in and out ...
  your breath in the rhythm of the sea,
  the life force naturally surging within.
Interpreted by Alberto Villloldo,
"Yoga, Power, and Spirit"