Schedule for Fall 2017 & Winter 2018

Please note that the Middleburg Saturday class on December 23 is canceled.  Look forward to seeing you the following week. 


Omba Workshop classes are offered in two locations: The town of Middleburg in Loudoun County, VA and Casanova, a village a few miles outside of Warrenton, VA. Mats and other props are available at class locations but it's also great if you bring your own. (For specific locations see below) 
Private instruction and coaching is available throughout Fauquier and Loudoun Counties. Individual instruction is ideal for anyone recovering from an injury, challenged by work schedules or family responsibilities, finding difficulties in attending a public class, or thinking about starting a fitness practice with questions about how to begin in a way that feels easy, natural, and energizing. 

All Omba Yoga Workshop classes are designed to support everyone including those who 1) are currently maintaining a yoga practice and would like assistance with proper alignment to maximize the benefits of yoga, 2)  would like a slower pace of yoga that still provides a high degree of fitness and challenge, 3) are looking for a class environment that respects the conditions and habits of bodies that have been tightened and stressed by sports, age, injury or health issues and/or 4) would like to pursue a relaxing practice with the support of a small community of like-minded students. 


TIMES: Yoga classes are offered on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m and 7:15 p.m. and Saturdays at 9:15 a.m. Classes include stretching and strengthening poses at a range of levels to ensure comfort and stability.  They are designed to promote a feeling of calmness,  relaxation, and a greater sense of well being. Over time, they build strength, flexibility while assisting in reducing stiffness and aging issues. 

If you are new to yoga or returning after some time, the intro/restorative class - to help bodies ease softly into a practice  - at 7:15 to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesdays is a great way to start. If you can, call in advance to reserve a spot for this class. Starting a yoga practice is not difficult - and hugely beneficial - but many find terms and commercially promoted images of difficult poses and stylish bodies intimidating ... so be in touch.  

A call ahead of time is always appreciated but not required. Drop-Ins are welcomed. 

All public classes in Middleburg are offered at "The Studio," 103 B West Federal Street - a location shared with Middleburg Massage. The main door is adjacent to the parking lot off South Pendleton Street behind the shops facing Federal Street such as The White elephant and Stitch. Yoga classes are convened on the second floor. (Stairs inside, to the right of the entrance.) 

FEE: Classes are $20 per session for drop ins with a monthly incentive rate available: $75 for a 30 day period - for any and all classes up to 8 class per month.  If you are new to yoga, first classes are free. 


TIMES: Classes for all levels are offered twice a week Monday and Thursday evenings at 5:00 p.m. These classes are relaxed and gentle with options for more challenge and advancement. 

Classes are offered at the Grace Church Parish Hall on Weston Road just east of the Post Office and the Old Casanova Store (store pictured on left above.) 

Come in a little late, leave a little early. Just join us whenever you can for a series of good stretching and strengthening poses to help sooth away the day.  All levels are welcomed.

FEE: Classes are offered on a donation basis: no one is ever turned away. Just come! If you are new to Casanova yoga, call ahead to ensure class times and offerings haven't been adjusted to accommodate special events at the Parish Hall. 

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