And if you live or work in the Northern Virginia countryside, are interested in exploring ways that yoga and movement might help you further invest in yourself, the resources of Omba Yoga Workshop are available to you.
Group classes and private one-on-one sessions are offered in Middleburg, Warrenton, and Casanova. 

Please check the "Fall & Winter Schedule"to the left for information on class times, descriptions, and announcements. 

Calls and emails with questions are welcomed. 

Omba Yoga is a combination of classical Hatha yoga and other stretching and strengthening disciplines that work together to support a greater sense of health and well being.
Resources include:
Small group classes for those who want to feel calm, energized, and supported after their practice and not distracted by a more competitive atmosphere or overly fast tempo often found in fitness clubs
Personal coaching to help individuals transition into fitness after a health setback, to begin or maintain a yoga practice while balancing a too busy schedule or special family requirements, or to provide the pace and focus of a one-on-one practice. 
Mats and a variety of props as needed - no special equipment or attire are required of participants.
All sessions are informal, suitably social, and designed to address individuals' goals, abilities, and need for proper alignment and safety. Experienced and conscientious instruction is primary. 
Classes are offered several times weekly in Fauquier and Loudoun Counties. One-on-one sessions can be scheduled in individuals' homes through out the Northern Virginia countryside or in studios near Warrenton and Middleburg.  

Omba Yoga welcomes the opportunity to enhance your wedding, retreat and other important event with a calming and energizing yoga experience.


Omba Yoga Workshop is rooted in the ancient wisdom of Hatha yoga and the sciences of anatomy and kenesiology. 

The intent (the dream!) is to further enable us - more of us - to more completely access and grow our capacity for health, happiness, and self-discovery by drawing upon both the ancient wisdom and the modern science.  

Omba Yoga seeks to help practitioners: 

Achieve greater strength, flexibility and endurance
Reduce fatigue

Reverse/reduce physical discomfort related to stiffness and lack of energizing movement

Pursue greater range of motion  

Enjoy a community of supportive practitioners 

Most importantly to many of us, classes with follow-up practice can help: 

Address physical issues that reduce our ability to happily work, move, exercise, and just "be" 

Support our bodies' ability to age and heal gracefully 

Improve our natural alignment from head, to spine, to toes, to the universal energy in all of us
If you'd like to learn more, please consider joining me and others for a first-time public class free of charge or a private introductory session at your convenience.
I welcome your questions and comments. 
Mary Ashton

The purple Omba banner above was produced from a photograph of Macu Picchu taken at dawn in June 2013.